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Spring Break Rant…

So, my boyfriend is gunna be gone to LA to visit his family &stuff Monday through Friday… No way of seeing him or contacting him. I don’t know how the fuck to handle this except probably throw a fit because obviously I’m a selfish girlfriend. I can’t really handle goodbyes very well… So I just flip the fuck out. I don’t know how to fucking communicate with my boyfriend because I’m just stupid as fuck. Sorry, I just miss his fucking self &it just bothers me as fuck. I don’t even know why, but I guess I’m just straight up plain crazy ass. Ugh. Fuck it. I’m done, Goodnight bloggers.
Note: Sorry about my ranting, it’s my private blog I use to vent through sometimes. This is part of me.

When you realize that you’re fat. That you’re really unhappy with your body. Really needing to hit the gym. Wanting to be better for yourself. Hoping that working out will push the suicidal thoughts away. But then again I’m always an emotional wreck.

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